How to GIVE

Thank you for your support! We are truly overwhelmed with the love and willingness to help our family. There are a few specific areas that will go a long way - please select from a category below to help make a difference!


Sign up to help ensure the family always has a healthy meal ready that meets Thea's dietary restrictions!


Purchase a gift for Thea from the Amazon Wish List and have it shipped directly to their doorstep. 


To help make a difference, Beck and Jeff encourage donations to three charities that benefit kids like Thea. Here are 3 that Beck and Jeff  love: 


Send a card to Thea and/or Siggy here!


The Vydunas

2407 Harrison Street, #17

San Francisco, CA


Send a Video to Thea via Text or Email

Thea loves to watch silly videos of friends and family - they always make her feel better! Email or text a video directly to Beck anytime of literally anything - but here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Read A Book

  • Tell a Joke or Story

  • Do a Dance

  • Sing a Song

  • Brush Your Teeth

  • Give a Tour of Your House (don't ask why she loves this, nosy little thing!)

  • Be Creative!

  • Note: Please try not to send too many "I'm Sorry" "Get Well" or "I Miss You" type messages - we find this can make her sad to not see her friends :(

Other Opportunities to Lend a Hand

This next year will be a challenge. No doubt about it. If you would like other ways to support Thea, care for Siggy or ensure Jeff and Beck remain upbeat, sane and married - we've compiled a short list of areas below that would definitely make a difference.

Fill out the form on the bottom to share how you'd like to  help, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. If you see a check mark, enough generous members from TeamThea have got it covered. Thank you!

Enable a high quality date night with babysitting so mommy and daddy don't divorce

Support a 2 day / 1 night trip away for mommy and daddy so they remember they are adults and love each other

Volunteers to shave your head like Daddy and Thea

Pledge (in months 3 - 8) to take Siggy for a weekend day so Thea can have a whole day with daddy and mommy together

Support a weekend camping trip for Siggy by paying for a caregiver to help remaining parent who's watching Thea

Sign up for a surprise gift or awesome silly video to share with Thea for each time she has to sit for hours in an infusion center