How to GIVE

Thank you for your support! We are truly overwhelmed with the love and willingness to help our family. There are a few specific areas that will go a long way - please select from a category below to help make a difference!


Sign up to help ensure the family always has a healthy meal ready that meets Thea's dietary restrictions!


Purchase a gift for Thea from the Amazon Wish List and have it shipped directly to their doorstep. 


To help make a difference, Beck and Jeff encourage donations to three charities that benefit kids like Thea. Here are 3 that Beck and Jeff  love: 


Send a card to Thea and/or Siggy here!


The Vydunas

2407 Harrison Street, #17

San Francisco, CA


Send a Video to Thea via Text or Email

Thea loves to watch silly videos of friends and family - they always make her feel better! Email or text a video directly to Beck anytime of literally anything - but here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Read A Book

  • Tell a Joke or Story

  • Do a Dance

  • Sing a Song

  • Brush Your Teeth

  • Give a Tour of Your House (don't ask why she loves this, nosy little thing!)

  • Be Creative!

  • Note: Please try not to send too many "I'm Sorry" "Get Well" or "I Miss You" type messages - we find this can make her sad to not see her friends :(

Other Opportunities to Lend a Hand

This next year will be a challenge. No doubt about it. If you would like other ways to support Thea, care for Siggy or ensure Jeff and Beck remain upbeat, sane and married - we've compiled a short list of areas below that would definitely make a difference.

Fill out the form on the bottom to share how you'd like to  help, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. If you see a check mark, enough generous members from TeamThea have got it covered. Thank you!

Enable a high quality date night with babysitting so mommy and daddy don't divorce

Support a 2 day / 1 night trip away for mommy and daddy so they remember they are adults and love each other

Volunteers to shave your head like Daddy and Thea

Pledge (in months 3 - 8) to take Siggy for a weekend day so Thea can have a whole day with daddy and mommy together

Support a weekend camping trip for Siggy by paying for a caregiver to help remaining parent who's watching Thea

Sign up for a surprise gift or awesome silly video to share with Thea for each time she has to sit for hours in an infusion center

Thank you! One of the core care team members will be in touch as soon as we can.